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ENG 099: Conversational American English | Intro Activity 2

Author’s Note: This is the second ENG 099 Intro Activity, click this link to read ENG 099: Conversational American English | Intro Activity 1. It is designed to be used Pedagogically by a Tutor or Teacher with a beginning ESOL student.

Mr. Danoff
22:03 on 7 November 2011

Step 0 How are you?

Step 1 What was the most fun thing you did last week?

Step 2 Does this trailer make you want to watch Winnie the Pooh?

Terms of Use: Please respect the Youtube terms of use and video’s Copyright: Winnie the Pooh On Blu-ray™ & DVD Combo Pack Oct 25th Copyright (C) 2011 Walt Disney Animation Studios. Rights given a Standard YouTube License.

Step 3 Do you have any English questions? From a book you read? From homework at school? From life?

Step 4 English Greetings Video

Step 5 What did you think of the video? Please write 3 sentence.

Step 6 How can you improve the Open Library entry for Dinosaurs before dark (1992) by Mary Pope Osbourne? Please write 3 sentences.

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Everything besides the Disney video linked to and embedded is public domain.

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